Connect post frame structures to traditional concrete foundations such as engineered slabs, frost walls, cast-in-place piers and existing concrete structures. Sturdi-Wall® brackets are a heavy duty anchor system used for new construction, post repair, renovations and more.

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Install fast, build to last

Sturdi-Wall® brackets are constructed of ¼” steel, robotically welded and finished with a tough powder coat.  Special grade rebar used in the Sturdi-Wall® Plus models is seismic rated and all brackets are finished with an EpoxZi Shield coat to prevent corrosion, resist UV damage and provide a professional look to your project.


Sturdi-Wall® Drill Set Models

These brackets are designed for situations where a concrete foundation has already been poured.  They can be used to reduce placement errors when a concrete subcontractor is hired or to fix an error.  Two fastener options are available: epoxy anchors and expansion anchors.

Sturdi-Wall® Plus Wet Set Models

Providing a strong, moment resisting connection to your foundation, the Sturdi-Wall® requires installation while concrete is still wet.  In addition to a simplified installation process, this bracket avoids time-consuming drilling with a masonry bit and expensive concrete anchors. Sturdi-Wall® Plus brackets require less concrete coverage than normal Sturdi-Walls, allowing them to work well in pier foundations.

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Technical information

All Perma-Column products are engineered and designed for use in the USA and Canada.
The following technical information is available.
Sturdi-Wall Design and Use Guide