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About Us

OVATION uses laughter not lecture and theatre not theory
to help you find your voice. Become ...

Clear. Confident. Compelling.

Our programs draw on improvisational speaking to help speakers dramatically improve nimble and flexible thinking and learn to present their thoughts in a clear, concise and well-organized fashion with minimal preparation.

Using a uniquely interactive style, OVATION programs transform peoples’ speaking skills and their self-image.
Both Jan and Shona hold graduate degrees in adult learning and bring significant leadership experience, insight and creative moxy to their sessions.

OVATION programs are unique, innovative and completely experiential; students should expect to be ‘on stage’ for much of the day. Using dynamic improv theatre exercises, participants laugh their way out of their comfort zone and push past personal speaking blocks.

Whether you are an executive brokering a deal, a contractor competing for project dollars, a politician lobbying for a budget increase or an employee negotiating a pay raise, is your message being heard?

OVATION teaches you how to change people’s minds. Every time.

Using a uniquely creative and interactive style, OVATION programs transform peoples’ speaking skills and their self-image. We focus on laughter not lecture, stage time not screen time, practice not preaching and theatre not theory.

OVATION teaches you to craft your message so it has impact, deliver your message so it attracts attention and believe in your message so it is heard.

Become more of who you want to be.
Teaching you to Change Minds. Every time.

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Participants in OVATION programs will spend considerable time ‘on stage’, unlocking the secret of their own individual stage persona and voice, their ‘inner speaker’, and capitalizing on their authentic speaking personality. Expect to challenge your limits and try new approaches to uncover your potential and reach your personal and professional goals

Our programs are profoundly transformative with the power to change your fundamental ability to communicate in a business and personal context. The more engaged and open you are, the more remarkable the result.

Improvisational Speaking as a Learning Tool Whether you are in a meeting and have been asked your opinion, or at a business networking function and have been asked to introduce your company, the ability to think quickly and speak spontaneously is invaluable.